• Manjhi Covid Relief 2021

    We sent Oxygen Concentrators

    to Sangli and Chote Udaipur,

    Oxygen cylinders 2400 kms away

    to Cooch Behar


    Ambulance for the Mumbai Port trust 

    Cooling drinks for our frontline medics


    N95 masks,PPE kits

    Body bags, Disposable sheets sent to hospitals,

    Meals distributed to daily wagers  

  •  Feb 28th 2021 :

    New centre launched

    in Panchkutir Powai

Welcome to

Manjhi Development Foundation for Skilling

Why Skilling?

For the simple reason that if you teach a man to fish he need not stay hungry for the rest of his life! Skills enable person to have a decent living, moving away from concepts of handouts and charity to self-reliance and empowerment.

Regular weekly interactions with the communities we serve were eye openers in many ways. Life is challenging for all but with unequal opportunities the race is often over before it even begins.

Skill identification and development is the key to a better life for those who are disadvantaged and lack the means to access skilling and employment opportunities.


A tiny virus stops humanity in its tracks. Lockdowns are announced which means daily wagers are left without any means of employment and livelihood and will have no resources to fend for themselves and no food to feed themselves and their families.

Starting with a focus on feeding the needy, one of our earliest initiatives was to facilitate 7,000 cooked meals for a cluster of 500 families over a span of 3 days.

We raised funds to provide dry ration kits to 250 families living in a congested Chandivilli slum cluster and 50 families in Sangharsh Nagar.

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So far, we have sourced over


PPE kits


N 95 Masks




Enerzal Drinks


Disposable bedsheets

Latest Updates

Why Manjhi ?

We see latent potential in every person we meet, real talent which may just be wasted, abilities which are ignored in the race for survival. This is a tragedy which was crying out to be addressed.

We also believe that once sincerity of purpose is established, most people want to reach out and help.

Hence Manjhi intends to take on the role of enabler and connector, using all the resources and connections we can generate, to be the oarsman who helps narrow the gap between the haves and the have nots.

It is our continued and sincere attempt to be the Manjhi that enables people from the lesser privileged shores cross over to the privileged mainstream.

Our Projects

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Media Coverage

For our remarkable work "The Quint - Digital Newspaper" has taken cognizance.

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